Global Consumption

One aspect about working in the campus’ garbage that is really interesting is that we get to see the national diversity of products students, faculty, and staff bring on to campus.  Each day, we are always on the lookout for international goods.  While facilities overall sees a greater representation of global commodities by working with both trash and recycling, we are limited to our surveys in the actual garbage.  To date, we have found products from Belgium, China, Mexico, Ethiopia, Pakistan, and Malaysia.  Below are a few examples of such finds.


Yeo’s Malaysian soymilk drink and an Ethiopian calling card.



Natural toothbrush from Pakistan.

Interestingly, on this day when we took the above pictures, we found all of these products (and others not pictured) from a small sampling of garbage cans in parking lot A (6 garbage cans—4 countries represented).


Recycle RoundUp 2013

Richland Community College Facilities participated in Recycle RoundUp with the City of Dallas offering  a city-wide collection of recyclables on Saturday, April 27th.  Several of us, along with other RLC students, volunteered our time in collecting and sorting the items community members brought in. 

Per Lisa Eades’, Building Services Supervisor, here’s what was collected at Richland yesterday: “We had 526 cars come through the check in and the amount of recycled materials collected was staggering.  The ewaste trailer (52 feet long) was filled from top to bottom, from front to back, it was so full they had to use their forklift just to shut the doors. WOW!  There were 76 tires collected, over 40 bags of plastic bags and styrofoam, the cardboard and shredding trucks were busy from 9 - 3.  The Dallas Police collected so many pharmaceuticals they had to call in a second vehicle just to haul them away.  It was just an awesome day!”

Hey - look! We made the Dallas Morning News Metro Section on April 4, 2013!!

Hey - look! We made the Dallas Morning News Metro Section on April 4, 2013!!


Here’s parts of our team collected data. It’s a messy job, but it has to be done! Luckily we’ve been supplied with gloves, metal grabbers, and more from our on-campus facilities staff, so we’re staying clean for the most part.

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